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   I intend to use this blog as a way to document my work in felt for myself.  If others find it interesting to share the journey with me, that’s great!  To those of you who choose to accompany me, “Welcome!”

   Two weeks ago (gosh, has that much time passed already?) I went down to Rhode Island for a felt-a-thon. 3 of us got together and spent the weekend making felt.  It’s always such fun.  Good food, wine, great company, and constant felt talk.  It’s incredibly inspirational and I came home filled with motivation.

   During the felt-a-thon Joei had an indigo vat going.  Though fun to play with, and the resulting colors are indeed gorgeous, I personally find it too fussy.  But then again, I find most natural dye-ing to be too fussy.  

   We dyed fabric, shibori-ed fabrics, threads, and ribbons.  Here are some pictures.

Directly out of the indigo vat everything looks kind of green.

Upon exposure to the air (oxidation) it turns blue

   Each of us also worked on felt pieces.  I decided to make some round placemats for my dining table.  One of those projects I’ve been wanting to do for ages.   I completed a set of 3. I’m quite happy with them. Nuno,  using a very fine silk chiffon.  Perhaps not the most functional, but I can always make new ones if these get trashed with use.

Here they are being laid out

Here I am rolling the mats:


Completed, in situ

     I also worked on a nuno sample using a much heavier weight, denser silk fabric.  It’s fabric I printed on a couple of years ago using the “Monster” Printing Press at the Beaver Mill. Once again, the thought was to use the resulting felt for placemats. It took a lot of work, but it’s do-able.  And I do like the outcome.

Look at the ruching in this sample. Isn't it wonderful?

   Since coming home I’ve been working on framing/mounting of pieces.  I’ve got 4 hung in the offices of Tsubo massage at the moment.  Hoping to have several more up there by the end of Feb. There’s nothing like deadlines to keep one moving right along.


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