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I’ve been gone on retreat for about 10 days. Before leaving, I promised my friend Molly, owner of Tsubo Massage, that I’d change out the work I have hanging in her offices by the end of this month.  Today I put up 3 large pieces — 3 of the 4 Maze series.  (The fourth isn’t done yet). I also have 2 smaller pieces that need to be changed out.

Before my trip I was digging through one of my boxes of hand-dyed, printed and painted fabrics.  I came across quite a few pieces of cloth that are just beautiful and pretty near complete in and of themselves.  So I decided to make some smaller works that use a continuous face cloth (or top piece) with wool underneath.  Then surface design (stitching and beading) to bring out the images and finish them off.

I managed to get 2 pieces felted before leaving. The first was a dyed and silk-screen printed piece of silk.

I took a couple of detail shots of it as well.  I find the details of the imagery very exciting, with lots of promise of good things to come.

I’ve started hand-stitching on it.  I think the surface design of stitching and beading will enhance the pictorial aspects greatly.

Here’s the other piece, “the Fish” piece.

In this piece, as well as the other, I’ve used multiple colors of wool under the top cloth. I love to see how that changes the surface’s colors when the wool migrates through the fabric. The images of fish were painted on with the help of a stencil and some well thickened fabric dye.  The edges of the fish are clean and crisp which is not a look I use frequently.

I’m not sure at all where this one will lead me.  Guess I’ll leave it up to the fish!

I’m off on further adventures and will probably not be able to post again for about 3 weeks.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll catch up in the second half of August.


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Last week I made the 5th piece in the Apache Creation Myth Series.  Here the creator looks up and there is light, looks down and there is a sea of light, creates yellow streaks in the east and many colors in the west, including many colored clouds. I was so involved in felting that I totally forgot to take pictures of the process.  I do have a photo of the piece fully felted.

The rest of my time has been spent stitching, beading and framing.  I now have the 3rd piece in the “Blue Throat Yoga” series finished and ready to deliver tomorrow.  I’ve the 3rd maze piece mounted.  All of this translates into “not much to show in photos”. Right now I’m doing hand embroidery and beading on the “Cherry Tree in Bloom” piece (see post of May 25).

I’ve received some wonderful input from 2 different artists whom I respect about the framing of my work.  I’m currently doing R & D in order to change and improve the presentation. And that’s what’s happening in the studio.

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I was thinking of going to see the fireworks this evening, except they were yesterday evening.  Luckily I read the local newspaper before venturing out.

Though I may be a bit confused about life in general, this week has actually seen an amazing increase in organization of my art life. Yesterday I was thinking about work I need to have done for this summer’s exhibits, applications I want to make to future exhibits, and all the dates involved . It motivated me to pull out my old dry-erase calendars and start writing in my time lines.  I filled in not only the 2 month calendar, but also the three month one. So now I know what I need to do first, then next, etc. It may sound silly, but for me this is an important indication that I’ve re-entered the art world.

To that end I have been finishing up work — which means sewing and beading mainly.  I finished stitching Maze #3 and have some photos to show. Did you know that if you click on the image it will enlarge and you can see lots more?  When you want to return to the blog entry just hit the “back arrow” in the upper left corner.  I just figured that out this evening.  🙂

It’s hard to see the stitching in the photo of the whole piece, so here’s a detail that show it better.

I have to admit, this is not my favorite piece.  It does work with the series, though. I’ve one more maze piece along these lines (Maze #4) which I’m in the process of stitching.  Then I think I’m done with these sorts of maze pieces.  But I’ve  got a few ideas of where to go from here with the maze theme, so we’ll see.

Today I worked on mounting and framing.  It’s one of those aspects of making art that’s not great fun (I’d much rather be making the felt), but has to be done. It also is rather time consuming.  I thought I’d show some pictures of the process.

First I make a wooden frame or mount. I use a chop saw (or miter saw) to cut pieces of thin wood to the correct length. (I think it’s some kind of molding.  I’m not sure. I just know which isle to find it in at the lumber yard. It comes in various widths, which is nice). Then I glue the frame together using little “bridge” pieces of wood that hold one piece of wood to the next.  In the following photo you can see the clamps holding things together while the glue dries.  It sits for 24 hours to dry thoroughly.

While the wooden frame is drying I glue hand-made Japanese paper, called Kyoseishi paper, to foam core — both of which I’ve cut to size. This dries sitting under a pile of bricks — also for 24 hours.

Eventually the wooden frame gets glued to the foam core and the felted piece gets glued to the paper.  Wire is added and voila! the piece is ready to be hung. Not terribly exciting, but that’s what I did today.

I also did some stitching on the AKM:Anticipation piece.  It still has beading to be done, and maybe some more stitching, so pictures of that will wait.

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