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September 1 -Making Friends

Not long ago, while composing a proposal for a residency application [which I didn’t get  😦 ] I wrote “I want to make friends with my sewing machine”.  I was tired of fighting with it, feeling like I couldn’t get the machine to do anything I wanted it to.  Having it “break down” all the time and quite honestly, not knowing if the breakdown was a problem with the machine or the user.  I will also admit that at the time I wrote that simple statement I didn’t quite realize the profundity of the statement.

However, when the residency didn’t come through and I knew I was on my own, I decided I’d really better make friends with that machine or I’d be in big trouble. In that spirit the first thing I did was take my machine (actually both of them) to the sewing machine doctors for a check-up.  Once home again I’ve been practicing my embroidery with them daily.


ImageI find the more I use them the better friends we become.  When problems crop up I stay calm and slowly walk myself through possible causes.  Unlike before when I’d get frustrated and agitated, the calm methodical approach often leads me to the problem, which I can then fix.  (Sounds like I should be using these skills with my computer also.). Need I tell you “the problem” is almost invariably a user problem?

The better friends I become with my machines, the more I like being in their company.  Sounds rather like people, doesn’t it? And as long as I can remember to breathe…


ImageI’m actually having fun!


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