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After so many months I seem to have found my muse once more.  So much has been happening, including my returning to school, this time for formal art education.  I am fortunate enough to have become a student at the Gail Harker Center for Creative Studies.  As one of Gail’s students I have been offered a challenge: create a 6 inch square piece for an exhibit and auction.  The theme of the piece must be circles and the colors are limited to those within the color wheel from yellow to blue.

Of course I’ve accepted the challenge, and what fun!  I thought I’d share the pieces I’ve begun, each of them being far from completed.

The first piece I did was a nuno piece using a funky knit synthetic face cloth with silk shapes felted on top.  Because the face cloth is a synthetic the edges of the silk didn’t stick very well despite the layer of wool I put between the 2 fabrics.  So I decided to couch a heavy-ish thread around the edges of the shapes.  This has the effect of both defining the edges of the shapes as well as holding the silk in place.  In the picture below you’ll see the beginning of the couching.  The” heavy thread” is actually the rolled edging from a very light weight silk chiffon scarf.


The second piece I’ve made is also nuno, with a hand-dyed silk face cloth and wool pre -felts used for the imagery.  I like the clean, crisp design they give.  Some kind of embellishment will be added I think, though I haven’t really gotten that far yet.


In the third piece I tried a technique I’ve been wanting to experiment with for awhile.  With a wonderful silk thread I have sewn together several pieces of pre-felt.  Then I put the sewn sample on my rolling machine and fulled it into a nice, hard piece of felt.  The different pieces of felt merged together into one, rather than being just stitched together.  It’s great!  Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately, time will tell — I cannot get a 6 inch square out of this sample, so I’ll be using it for something else.  But I love the effect; so much has been gained.


Liking what happened with my third piece so much I have cut out some additional pre-felts.  I intend to sew them together, partially full them, then sew on a “negative space” pre-felt – that is a pre-felt where I previously used the circles for another project and what is left, the felt that surrounded those circles, will be used as the imagery for this piece.  Here’s what I’ve got placed so far:


I think I have just begun to explore these ideas.  My notebook has several more series akin to this. Sometimes limits and boundaries are — not limiting — but just what is needed to give birth to many, many new ideas!


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