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I have actually been working since my last posting.  Slowly, but steadily. The first 2 pieces were sent off to Seattle at the beginning of the month once they were complete and mounted. Today I have 2 finished pieces to show you. Both were started, and pictured, in my last posting on August 7th.

Here’s the yellow and green one.  It seemed to take forever to edge the circles on it using blanket stitch.  The real challenge was using all 6 strands of embroidery floss together and not have it knot, tangle or separate. I was not always successful.  However, I am pleased with how it turned out. I like the shiny edge the embroidery floss gives the embellishments.


And a detail.  Unfortunately the color in this photo is lousy and not at all true.



On the Aug. 7th post I showed you a piece in progress in which I just placed the parts together.  You will not believe how different it looks now that it is completed!  I can’t believe it myself.  As I harden these small pieces on my rolling machine I am learning more and more about my machine, it’s power and how to harness that power to get the results I want, how different kinds of wool react differently to being hardened on the machine, and lots more.  This piece was one of the first learning experiences.  There was another which ended up in the garbage.  🙂


Here’s the “before”:



Here’s the “after”, completed with stitching:



By the time I finished hardening this last piece I was hooked.  As this piece was going round and round on the roller I put together ideas for an additional 6 pieces.  It’s such fun and the ideas are just pouring out of me.  The hardening and stitching are the time consuming parts of the process.

Here are some bits and pieces to wet your appetite.  Can you guess what pieces will be used together?  If not, tune in again and see.





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