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I’ve been working away on more of the small pieces that I’ve been sharing with you.  They can be challenging while still being such fun.  I’ve strayed far from the original idea of circles and colors from yellow to blue on the color wheel.  My parameters have stretched, or been thrown out altogether.  Today I was actually thinking about placing parameters on myself again to see where it might take me.

In the meantime, here’s a piece recently framed and hung.  First I’ve a photo of what I’d initially thought of and pinned together.  My design process develops and changes as I work on each piece.  I am playing more and more with stitching, which so totally changes what needs to be added, or subtracted.



Here it is finished and framed.  No flash was used here and the color is a bit washed out, but there is no glare.



Here I’ve used a flash.  You can see a white circle right in the middle of the piece that shouldn’t be there.  And more glare from the glass.  But the colors are richer.



I had a manicure yesterday.  It’s something I do on occasion; a special treat to myself.  I picked out this wonderful purple – eggplant really.  Got back to the studio and what I saw made me laugh out loud.  My nail polish color appeared in 2 of the pieces I’m currently working on.  Might I start a new trend?  Nail polish to match artwork?


This piece is in the process of being framed as I write this.  The actual background color is more muted and grayed out.  Funny things the flash does to color.

IMG_0498This piece is far from done.  However, I chose the next step – layer really – today and am excited to get it sewn on and see where we go from there. The stitching on this piece is quite strong.  How to add a layer that allows the stitch it’s own power, and yet partially conceals?  Stay tuned and you’ll see…..


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